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Air France Investigates Morocco Landing Incident, Europe 1 Says

By Helene Fouquet

Air France-KLM (AF) Group, Europe’s largest airline, is investigating a “serious” incident at the Casablanca airport in Morocco, where a passenger aircraft touched down on the wrong landing strip, Europe 1 radio reported, citing a spokesman for the airline.

The incident took place in August and Air France has been questioning its staff, the French radio station reported on its Web site. This is the third time in two years a plane lands on the wrong lane at Casablanca’s Mohammed V airport, Europe 1 said, without citing other airlines that may have been involved. The lane is no longer in use, according to Europe 1.

The Accessibility Of Envy On Social Media

We have all found ourselves to some degree comparing and judging our life experiences, appearances, relationships, professional and academic successes to those attained by others. There are two logical errors that lead to envy and covetousness which poison the soul: a) you can never know the totality of a person’s life and b) my happiness is not conditional upon your successes or failures.

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African Immigrants in the United States

by Kristen McCabe for the Migration Information Source

Originally published on the Migration Information Source (, a project of the Migration Policy Institute.

While the trans-Atlantic slave trade brought large numbers of Africans to the United States as forced migrants from the 16th to the 19th centuries, significant voluntary migration from Africa to the United States did not begin in earnest until the 1980s. From 1980 to 2009, the African-born population in United States grew from just under 200,000 to almost 1.5 million. Today, Africans make up a small (3.9 percent) but growing share of the country’s 38.5 million immigrants. Read the rest of this entry

Defendants allege police torture in Morocco

SALE, Morocco (AP) — Defendants at a trial over a deadly cafe bombing at a Moroccan tourism destination denied the charges against them on Thursday.

The defendants told the judge that they had been tortured and threatened into confessing to being accomplices to the attack, which killed 17 people on April 28. Read the rest of this entry

Sarkozy inaugurates Morocco high-speed train

By Yann Le Guernigou

TANGIERS, Morocco, Sept 29 (Reuters) – French President Nicolas Sarkozy on Thursday inaugurated work on a future high-speed train link in Morocco, the first such project in Africa and the Arab world, and welcomed constitutional reform introduced by King Mohammed.

“France is determined to accompany Morocco politically of course but also economically,” Sarkozy said in Tangiers after talks with the Moroccan monarch, who in July won landslide approval for a referendum that explicitly granted executive powers to the government but retained the king at the helm of the cabinet, army, religious authorities and the judiciary. Read the rest of this entry

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