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Tourists visit Marrakech to ‘sin’, says Moroccan minister

(AFP) RABAT — A Moroccan minister has caused a stir by saying that tourists visit the southern city of Marrakech “to sin”.

“People from all over the world come and spend a lot of time sinning and being away from God,” Justice Minister Mustafa Ramid from the newly-installed Islamist government said during a visit to a Koranic school in Marrakech.

Ramid, a member of Prime Minister Abdelilah Benkirane’s moderate Islamist Justice and Development Party (PJD), did not elaborate on his comments which were picked up on video and broadcast on the Internet and social media.

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Moroccan grain crisis

Gregor Heard Sun, Apr 1 2012

A DRY and cold spring in autumn in Morocco has meant the North African nation is chasing record amounts of wheat and barley from abroad.

There has already been panic buying in Morocco, which has driven barley prices to more than double the European quote. quotes import figures of 5.6 million tonnes of wheat and a million tonnes of barley to come in.

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Low confidence keeps Arab Spring markets subdued


Laura Miller

Financial markets in most countries touched by last year’s Arab Spring disappointed in the first quarter by staying broadly flat or ending down, as investors held off amid signs of continued volatility, and private-sector involvement in the economies remained weak.Jeff Singer, the chief executive of Nasdaq Dubai. Jaime Puebla / The National

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Arab spring News : Mar 31, 2012

Israel won’t gain new allies through the Arab Spring
A recurring question of the past year has been whether Israel can come out of the unrest of the “Arab Spring” with any new allies. The point is hardly immaterial: The future of Israel’s peace treaty with Egypt hangs in the balance,
Other Voices: The Marie Antoinette of the Arab Spring is much like the original
Times Herald-Record
By Scripps Howard News Service The Arab Spring appears to have produced its own Marie Antoinette — brighter and better educated than the original and with a much tougher husband, but with the same acquisitive tastes. She is Asma al-Assad, 36, Read the rest of this entry

Morocco royal holding’s net surges 50 pct in 2011

By Souhail Karam

RABAT, March 31 (Reuters) – An investment holding firm controlled by Morocco’s royal family on Saturday posted a 50 percent rise in its net profit helped mostly by higher earnings from banking, mining, steel and sugar affiliates active mostly in the domestic market.

National Investment Co., or SNI, made a net consolidated profit of 4.3 billion dirhams ($513 million) in 2011 versus 2.9 billion dirhams in 2010 in comparable terms, showed financial statements published in pro-establishment newspaper Le Matin. Read the rest of this entry

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