Arab spring News : May 9, 2012

Algeria vote puts status quo to Arab Spring test
By Beatrice Khadige (AFP) – 1 hour ago ALGIERS — Algeria readied Wednesday for its first election since the Arab Spring swept the region, with the historical ruling party, its moderate Islamist allies and the boycott camp all hoping to claim victory.

Algerian prime minister calls Arab spring a ‘plague’
The Guardian
Harking back to the country’s independence struggle against France, he said: “The Arab spring for me is a disaster. We don’t need lessons from outside. Our spring is Algerian, our revolution of 1 November 1954.” Unlike the glorious days of 1954,

The Guardian
Algerians to go to polls in nation left behind by Arab spring
The Guardian
In short, there has been no Arab spring in Algeria. If chronically high unemployment among college leavers provided the tipping point for revolution in Tunisia, Algeria simmers with similar frustrations. The hydrocarbons revenues that help the ruling

The Guardian
Syria: Is This an Arab Spring or a Balkan Winter?
TIME (blog)
Political violence in Syria was once front-page news in the Western media, where coverage appeared to assume that the Arab Spring had come to Syria and that Assad would shortly go the way of Mubarak or Gaddafi. But Syria today appears to be more of an

TIME (blog)
The unlikely demise of the Arab Spring
By Osama Al Sharif News of the premature demise of the Arab Spring, the spontaneous wave of mass protests calling for regime change and political rights, are greatly exaggerated. Those who believe that the phenomenon is over and done with rest their

Friedman: Another Arab Spring is unfolding in Jordan
Houston Chronicle
By Thomas Friedman AMMAN, Jordan – Fortunately, there is another Arab Springgoing on alongside the drama in the streets of Cairo and Damascus. It is an explosion of startups by young Arab techies. Ground zero is a complex of buildings here in the
Algeria: Elections, crossroads of Arab Spring and continuity
His was a generation of fighters, who have sent France home and in a 50-year period built up a country that has hardly been touched by the Arab Spring. The words of Bouteflika seem to herald his exit next year, when presidential elections are held.
Islamists aim to make inroads in Algerian elections
Bellingham Herald
By CLARE BYRNE – dpa PARIS – Algeria, the odd country out during the Arab Spring, goes to the polls in parliamentary elections Thursday, in which Islamist parties are hoping to continue their sweep of the region. Forty-four parties and independent

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