Authority For National Dialogue On Reform Of Moroccco’s Judiciary Inaugurated

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Authority For National Dialogue On Reform Of Moroccco’s Judiciary Inaugurated

CASABLANCA, MAY 10 (BERNAMA-NNN-MAP) — King Mohammed VI has presided over a ceremony here to inaugurate the High Authority in charge of the national dialogue on the reform of Morocco’s judiciary.

Stressing the importance of the judiciary reform as one of the country’s key reform projects, the king said at Tuesday’s ceremony: “I firmly believe justice lies at the heart of governance systems that are based on institutions and the rule of law, and it is my role to make sure the rule of law is upheld and to promote investment and development.”Recalling the broad outlines of the reform set out in his message to the nation on Aug 20, 2009, the king said he had ensured that Morocco’s new Constitution guaranteed the independence of the judicial branch which was separate from the legislative and the executive branches. The king also stressed the effectiveness of the inclusive and participatory approach used so far in all major reforms and added that the High Authority being inaugurated included representatives of all constitutional bodies and government and judicial sectors as well as civil society organisations along with all stakeholders concerned in the judicial reform process.After expressing appreciation to the members of the High Authority, the king voiced his hope that “they will join efforts and work together in this national endeavour”.In this respect, he invited all the stakeholders concerned to play an active part in the forthcoming national dialogue.”Our common goal is to draw up a National Charter with precise objectives, specific priorities and programmes, and clear financing, implementation and assessment mechanisms,” he said.

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