Fixed And Mobile Phones Subscribers Reach 40 Million In Morocco, Internet Users 15 Million: PM

Rabat – Moroccan Head of Government, Abdelilah Benkirane, welcomed the results achieved in the telecommunications sector, which contributes to up to 4% of the GDP, and the significant increase in the number of fixed and mobile telephone subscribers, which has reached 40 million, and around 15 million of Internet users, in addition to lower prices for communications for both the fixed and mobile telephony.

Benkirane, who chaired the Board of Directors of the National Agency for the Regulation of Telecommunications (ANRT), noted that the sector will see “a qualitative leap” through the implementation of national action plan for the deployment of high and very high speed broadband, which will allow Morocco to have the latest generation of telecom infrastructure and widespread internet access in the entire country by 2022, said a statement from the Prime Minister’s Office.

At this meeting, which focused particularly on monitoring the implementation of the provisions of the policy paper for development of the sector in 2013 and the adoption of the accounts of the agency under the 2011 financial year and 2012 budget, the Premier stressed the important role played by the ANRT in regulating the telecommunications sector, recalling the government’s commitment to strengthen good governance within the various state institutions, through the regular holding of their boards of directors and ongoing monitoring of their performance.

Members of the Board of Directors heard a presentation from the ANRT Managing Director, Azzedine El Mountassir Billah, on the achievements in the year 2011, the action program of the agency for 2012 and monitoring the implementation of the provisions of the policy paper for development of the sector by 2013, it added.


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