HM The King Presides Over Council Of Ministers

Rabat – HM King Mohammed VI presided, on Thursday at the Royal Palace in Rabat, over the Council of Ministers.

At the beginning of this Council, Justice and Freedoms Minister Mustapha Ramid gave a presentation on the national dialogue on judicial system reform, said a statement from the Royal Cabinet.

During the presentation, the Minister reaffirmed the special interest that His Majesty the King attaches to this structural project, placing it among the major projects that the Kingdom knows. The reform aims to boost confidence in a fair and effective judiciary system and to strengthen its credibility, in order to ensure the judiciary security and good governance, and to stimulate development and investment.

The minister also recalled the main lines of the reform, as set by His Majesty the King, as a guarantor of the independence of the judiciary in accordance with the Constitution, in many of His important Speeches, including that of 20 August 2009. These provisions include the modernization of the judiciary system, the upgrade of judicial and administrative structures, the qualification of human resources, the strengthening of the guarantees of judicial independence, the consolidation of the judicial efficiency and the boosting of moral values.

The Minister stressed and welcomed the importance of the setting up by His Majesty the King of the high authority for the national dialogue on the deep and comprehensive reform of the judiciary system, the body on which the Sovereign lavished His High Directives, in the important speech that he delivered on that occasion.

After recalling the mission entrusted by His Majesty the King to this institution, the Minister explained the mechanisms of this dialogue, noting that this body will work in a spirit of dialogue and openness on the different government sectors, professional associations, civil society components and the concerned organizations, as part of a broader participatory approach.

Subsequently, and in accordance with Article 49 of the Constitution, and following a proposal from the Head of Government, and at an initiative from the Interior Minister, His Majesty the King appointed a number of territorial administration officials. It includes, in this case, the appointment of 10 Walis and 30 Governors for 23 provinces and seven prefectures.

These Royal appointments are part of the strengthening of good territorial governance and nearby administration aiming to enable state bodies to carry out their missions with efficiency and competence in order to support projects that the different Moroccan regions are seeing.

During this Council, 10 bilateral and international conventions and agreements, that fall within the framework of respect by Morocco to its international commitments and strengthening and diversifying the Kingdom’s regional and international cooperation, were adopted.


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