NAM: Morocco Calls For Coherent Interaction With Changing World

Sharm El Sheikh (Egypt) – Moroccan Minister Delegate for Foreign Affairs, Youssef Amrani, called, on Wednesday in Sharm El Sheikh, for a coherent interaction with a changing world.

Speaking at the Ministerial Meeting of the Coordinating Bureau of the Non-Aligned Movement, the Minister pointed out “the changes taking place, particularly in the Arab world, which brought legitimate hopes of freedom, democracy, dignity and progress that the Arab peoples aspire.”

In this sense, he wondered about the validity of the founding principles of the movement to address the current situation, the degree of interaction of non-aligned with these changes and ways to strengthen the role of the Movement in international arena, based on NAM cardinal principle of international solidarity.

In the same vein, the official stressed that the founding principles of NAM are still relevant today as they always have been while keeping their full validity in a changing political and economic.

These changes should continue to stand as a cornerstone of our action to address major challenges such as terrorism and economic instability, while developing new modes of regional governance, based on a mutually beneficial integration, he added.

Amrani noted that these modes of governance should be based on innovative mechanisms and methods that can serve human development, economic integration and democratic openness.

In this regard, Amrani stressed the validity of the principles of Bandung, which clearly stipulate that “respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity of all nations, and to refrain from any threat or aggression, or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any country “.

Commenting on the developments in Morocco, the official noted that thanks to the far-sighted vision of HM King Mohammed VI, the Kingdom has opted for the establishment of a democratic and advanced society, based on two pillars: the intensification of the political reform process and the promotion of human development “.

Regionally, Amrani stressed the continuing need to achieve effective Maghreb integration as part of the Arab Maghreb Union as an open, democratic and complementary space, as a political choice, economic alternative and a security requirement to serve the interests and aspirations of the peoples of the five AMU countries.


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