Arab spring News : May 11, 2012

Algeria ruling party snubs Arab Spring to win election
First vote since “Arab Spring” revolts * Election winners have been in power since independence * Heavily-tipped Islamists pushed into third place (Edits, adds analysts) By Christian Lowe and Lamine Chikhi ALGIERS, May 11 (Reuters) – Algeria on Friday
Algeria to announce results of parliamentary election
Chicago Tribune
ALGIERS (Reuters) – Algeria was to announce the results on Friday of a parliamentary election which the ruling elite trumpeted as a gentler route to reform than the “Arab Spring” uprisings in neighboring states. Many observers predicted a strong
Islamists poised for strong showing in Algeria vote
Chicago Tribune
ALGIERS (Reuters) – Results of an Algerian parliamentary election to be announced on Friday were likely to hand an unprecedented share of seats to moderate Islamists, easing pressure for change in a country left behind by last year’s “Arab Spring.
Algerian regime tightens grip on power despite Arab Spring
Channel News Asia
President Abdelaziz Bouteflika’s National Liberation Front (FLN) won 220 out of 462 seats up for grabs in Thursday’s election, the first since the Arab Spring, improving on its share in the outgoing national assembly. An alliance of moderate Islamist
Algerian government parties dominate elections, Islamists cry fraud
Washington Post
The results are also dramatically different from elections in other countries in North Africa, where following the Arab Spring, opposition parties, particularly Islamists, have made dramatic gains. The new parliament will help rewrite the new
Algeria Ready to Announce Election Results
Voice of America
An Islamist victory in Algeria’s first elections since the Arab Spring, would echo trends in Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt. Video footage from Algeria On Thursday, voters cast ballots for the 462-member parliament. About half of the 44 political parties
Algeria declares ruling FLN winner of parliament vote
By Christian Lowe and Lamine Chikhi ALGIERS (Reuters) – Algeria on Friday declared its ruling party for the past 50 years victor in a parliamentary election, against the tide of the “Arab Spring” which has transformed some of its neighbours.
Algeria’s Moderate Islamist Coalition Suffers Setback
Voice of America
A stronger Islamist victory, in Algeria’s first elections since the Arab Spring, would have echoed trends in Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt. Opposition activists citing ongoing distrust of promised government reforms had urged voters to stay away from the
Jordan’s MPs play musical chairs as the Arab Spring rages outside
The Guardian
Loyalists wax lyrical about the “gentle breeze” of the Arab spring wafting across the kingdom and a “Jordanian model” of managed change. It is the job of Tarawneh, a former prime minister with a reputation as a yes-man, to speed things up.

The Guardian

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