Arab spring News : May 13, 2012


Bahrain: Gulf union plans expected to get push from Arab Spring, Iran worries
Washington Post
RIYADH, Saudi Arabia — The prime minister of unrest-wracked Bahrain says Gulf Arab leaders are ready for closer ties on security and foreign policy issues to confront pressures such as Arab Spring uprisings and tensions with Iran.
U.S. praises Algeria for defying Arab Spring
Algeria’s ruling party won handily, somehow weathering the Arab Spring’s wave of change, as Islamists lost significant ground. In a statement released on Saturday, Secretary Clinton specifically commended the Algerian government for allowing
Fawaz A. Gerges on How the Arab Spring Beat Al Qaeda
Daily Beast
A month before he was killed in a US Navy SEAL team raid on his compound in May 2011, Osama bin Laden described the Arab Springuprisings as a “tremendous event,” according to a cache of letters and documents seized from the al Qaeda leader’s hideaway

Daily Beast
Algeria bucks Arab Spring: FLN crushes Islamists in legislative polls
Middle East Online
By Jean-Marc Mojon – ALGIERS Algeria’s Islamists were reeling Saturday from a stinging setback in legislative polls which saw the ruling party come out on top, resisting the Arab Spring’s tide of “democratic change”. The regime argued that the results

Middle East Online
Vote confirms Algeria as Arab Spring exception
Times of Malta
Photo: AFP The Arab Spring’s wind of change fell dead on an Algerian regime that derives its strength from two brutal conflicts and prior experience of Islamism, analysts said yesterday. Algeria has had Islamism, nobody here can forget that period.
US hails Algerian election despite suspicions
By Jean-Marc Mojon (AFP) – 46 minutes ago ALGIERS — US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has hailed Algeria’s elections, despite widespread suspicion over results that saw the regime tighten its grip on power, bucking the Arab Spring trend of change.

Algeria result bucks trend of ‘Arab Spring
Arab News
By REUTERS ALGIERS: European Union observers yesterday gave a qualified endorsement to an Algerian parliamentary election which handed victory to the ruling party, bucking the trend of the “Arab Spring” revolts. Some opposition forces expressed
Lessons of the Arab Spring
Montreal Gazette
That, in turn, was less than a month after they helped Tunisians oust their own dictator of 24 years, Zine el Abidine Ben Ali, in what proved to be only the beginning of the revolutionary Arab Spring. While protesters clashed with police on the street,
In Bahrain, the spark behind Pearl Revolution still glows
The Pearl Revolution, as it was called, sought to emulate the Arab Spring uprisings that were sprouting throughout the region and would lead to the toppling of dictators in Egypt, Libya and Yemen. Today, the traffic circle in the capital of Manama


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