Tara Morice’s favourite things

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Tara Morice’s favourite things

Mel Evans
Sunday Magazine
May 12, 2012 7:00PM

tara morice
Actor Tara Morice wears: The Vintage Clothing Shop dress. Photography: Mike NewlingSource: Sunday Magazine

LOCAL history has held a place in Tara Morice’s heart since her childhood in Hobart, where her dad was manager of Australia’s oldest working theatre, the Theatre Royal.

Before graduating from NIDA, Morice – who plays Esther in the musical An Officer and a Gentleman, which has its world premiere on Friday at Sydney’s Lyric Theatre – studied Australian history under Manning Clark, one of the country’s most recognised historians. “Sometimes Clark would start crying because he was so excited about history,” recalls the 47-year-old actor. “It was truly inspiring.”

Tara can’t live without…


My parents bought this in the ’70s, on our trip to Nepal. We visited a shrine in Kathmandu, where I discovered Tara is a Buddhist deity. The locals found out my name and ran up touching my hair and shouting “Tara, Tara!”


I love Tim Burton and I went to his exhibition not long ago. When I saw this Victor figurine from his film Corpse Bride, I had to have it.


I found this in a second-hand shop in Adelaide, but I could swear it hasn’t been worn. So far I’ve only looked at it. I think I’ll wear it, but I’m worried I’ll ruin it because it’s old and hand-sewn.


I found this 1930s ‘Mother’ pin in Hobart. Being a mum is my favourite thing in the world. Ondine and I are extremely close.


Ondine has a great eye for photography. She took this one of me in a park a few years ago. And when I made a documentary called My Biggest Fan, Ondine – who was 11 at the time – was my stills photographer.


Dad gave me this in lieu of a film award. I was nominated for a BAFTA for Strictly Ballroom in 1992, but when I got back [sans award], this was waiting for me.


When we filmed Strictly, Baz Luhrmann had the cast watch this movie. I fell in love with Carole Lombard’s character – female roles in the ’30s were stronger than they are today.


This is us in Morocco after having henna tattoos done. She was only four at the time. When she turned 16 last year, we got matching heart tattoos on our wrists – so when I’m old and have Alzheimer’s, I can look down and recall who she is.

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