European Neighbourhood Policy: 2011 Report “Generally Positive”, Says Document

Brussels – The 2011 report for the implementation of the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) with Morocco, unveiled Tuesday in Brussels, is “generally positive”, as appears from the ENP follow-up report.

Established by the European Commission (EC) and the European Action Service (EEAS), the report outlines the progress made by Morocco in 2011 and which addresses some deficiency that should be remedied.

The document highlights the major political changes in Morocco thanks to the adoption in July 2011 of the new constitution, the holding of early parliamentary elections and the creation of a government, elected democratically and transparently.

It indicates, in this regard, that the new Constitution establishes a separation of powers by strengthening the role of parliament and head of government, formalizes the Amazigh language, incorporates the rights and freedoms of citizenship and enshrines the principles of Advanced Regionalization.

The document also emphasizes the resilience of the Moroccan economy to face up to the international crisis thanks to prudent macroeconomic policies undertaken by the Kingdom and the implementation of structural reforms, in harmony with the objectives of the Plan Action on the implementation of the ENP.

In the social sphere, the report notes that Morocco continued implementing reforms and enshrined in the 2012 Appropriation Act a large budget to this sector (41%), but noted that “the real needs of the country remain considerable.”

The EU recommends, in this regard, to Morocco to undertake the reform of the Caisse de Compensation (the government’s subsidy fund) to contain eventually the level of indebtedness of the country while ensuring better targeting of the most disadvantaged populations.

The report also invited the Moroccan government to resolutely fight against corruption, which remains a major problem.

On human rights, the document mentions the lifting by Morocco of all reservations to the U.N. Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women. The Moroccan Parliament obtained the “Partner for democracy” status at the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe which strengthens the credibility of the reforms undertaken by the Kingdom, it said.


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