Fotopedia Is On A Roll: Now Gets 200M Image Views Per Month, Launches Morocco App

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Fotopedia Is On A Roll: Now Gets 200M Image Views Per Month, Launches Morocco App

by FREDERIC LARDINOIS posted 6 Hours Ago

Fotopedia is quickly building a reputation for producing beautiful travel-focused photo apps for iOS. Today, the company is launching its latest free app, which focuses on Morocco. The app is optimized for the new iPad’s Retina Display and, as usual, features hundreds of stunning professional images.

Morocco is the company’s eleventh app and as Fotopedia’s senior vice president of global business Christophe Daligault told me earlier this week, the company’s plan is to release about two apps per quarter going forward.

Fotopedia has actually gone through a subtle but interesting change since its inception. In its early days, Fotopedia was mostly producing something akin to large coffee table books for the iPad era. These apps often featured thousands of photos, but as Daligault told me, most users would only ever see a small number of all of these images. Now, the company is focusing more on smaller projects and sees itself more as a publisher of beautiful travel magazines. As part of this change, Fotopedia also recently started updating its apps with new photo tours and other content on a regular basis.

Thanks to this, as well as the growing popularity of the iPad itself, of course, Fotopedia has been seeing explosive growth over the last few months. In March, it served up a very respectable 120 million page views across its apps. In April, that number jumped to 200 million. About 60% of these came from iPad users and overall iPad views were up 70% in April compared to March.

The company’s apps have now been downloaded over 12 million times. The average user currently loads the app 4.5 times per month, a number that has been steadily increasing since Fotopedia launched its more magazine-like approach.

As the company is growing, it’s also evolving its business model. Its free apps currently feature a mix of sponsorships and more traditional full-page ads. What the company is working on, too, is something akin to an “AdWords for images” that will allow advertisers to create their own ads and target users in specific countries and with very specific interests. Given the global reach of the apps and the fact that its users are clearly interested in travel, finding advertisers will likely turn out to be pretty easy for Fotopedia.


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