Morocco And Quebec To Set Up Standing Parliamentary Committee

Speaker of Morocco’s House of Representatives, Karim Ghellab, and speaker of the Quebec National Assembly, Jacques Chagnon, signed on Wednesday at the Quebec Parliament an agreement to set up a standing Morocco-Quebec parliamentary committee tasked in particular with examining means to strengthen bilateral cooperation.

The Committee will enable to enhance parliamentary cooperation by establishing an action programme and a roadmap for both institutions and determining the needs and priorities of each party, Ghellab told MAP after the signing ceremony.

Ghellab highlighted, in an address prior to the signing ceremony, the parliamentary reform initiated in Morocco following the adoption of the new Constitution, which strengthened the powers of the parliament especially in terms of controlling the government action.

He also emphasized the various projects launched by HM King Mohammed VI and the progress achieved in different areas.

The Moroccan official mentioned, in particular, the new family code, “a text that aims to further protect the rights of women and children while preserving the family unity and cohesion”, the promotion of the culture of human rights, the establishment of the National Council for Human Rights and the Kingdom’s unique experience with the creation of the Equity and Reconciliation Commission.

Chagnon, for his part, expressed his willingness to share Quebec’s experience with Morocco, welcoming in this regard the progress made by the Kingdom in various fields under the leadership of HM King Mohammed VI.

He described Morocco as model for the Arab-Muslim world and a country of tolerance and open-mindedness.


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