Music: Fes Festival, aims to enchant the world From June 8 to 16

(ANSAmed) – ROME, MAY 17 – “Enchanting the world once more” is the tag line for the holy music festival in the Moroccan city of Fes, one of the most important events on the global music scene and an exceptional meeting place for different civilisations.

Between June 8 and 16, in the riad and narrow streets of the old medina of Morocco’s former imperial capital, the chants of Egyptian mystics and Pakistani Sufis will mix with orchestras from Hungary and Italy, Berber rappers, gypsy and Occitan music, soul and blues from western stars of the standing of Archie Shepp and Joan Bex and big names from Arab music such as Wadi El Safi and Lotfi Bouchnak.

“Enchanting the world once more means seeing the chance for new relationships with the world, where fate no longer has its place,” the chair and founder of the event, Faouzi Skali, tells the MAP agency. This means “returning people, culture and spirituality to their rightful place, emerging from the diktat of economic power and rediscovering freedom of spirit,” Skali said in a press conference in Fes.

The journey can draw much from the teachings of Omar Khayyam (1048-1131), a Persian astronomer, mathematician, poet and philosopher to whom the Festival will pay tribute in its 18th edition. Khayyam is described by Skali as “an extraordinary figure who is somehow timeless and whose quatrains, in the form of the Rubiyat, still have so much to teach us after more than ten centuries”. The words of Omar Khayyam will resound in an event directed by the Frenchman Tony Gatlif and performed by a troop of actors from around the world”. The events staged during the holy music Festival include a number of exhibitions in the most evocative parts of the city and the Fes Forum (June 9-12), a theatre for comparison and reflection on the profound causes of ideological, political and social change in the world. (ANSAmed).


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