Arab spring News : May 21, 2012

Learn from Arab Spring, Israel told
Peninsula On-line
DOHA: Qatar yesterday asked Israel to learn a lesson from Arab Spring and make serious efforts for the long-awaited peace, reminding it that it cannot rely anymore on its friendship with Arab rulers who have been toppled in revolutions.
Failures of the Facebook Generation
Daily Beast
Francis Fukuyama on how the Facebook revolution of the Arab Springhas failed to deliver lasting political change. Join Fukuyama for a live chat on this Tuesday, May 22 at 11:30 AM EDT. It is hard to know whom to root for in Wednesday’s presidential

Daily Beast
Hamas, Hezbollah & the Arab Spring: Middle East Expert Lectures for Western
Newswise (press release)
Newswise — MACOMB, IL — Lectures about Hamas, Hezbollah and the Arab Springwere on the docket for Uri Rosset’s most recent visit to Western Illinois University. Rosset, a lecturer at Sapir College in Sderot, Israel, and an expert on the Middle East,
Arab Spring May Be Re-Defined As Chaos – OpEd
Eurasia Review
An Al Jazeera news anchor might interrogate his guests on why some Arab nations are rising while others are still asleep. The question of why Algeria hasn’t revolted has occupied much international media. “No Arab Spring for Algerians Going to the
Warda gave us a soundtrack for the Arab spring
The Guardian
It is not only them but democrats the world over who want to see the hope and idealism of the Arab spring translated into representative government. Last year Tahrir Square became the tangible symbol of such aspirations as hundreds of thousands packed

The Guardian
Why the Arab World Needs an Economic Spring
EconoMonitor (blog)
So, just as the “Arab Spring” opened a debate about politics in the Middle East, we now need an “Economic Spring” on how to rethink the region’s economic future. Of course each country will have to define its own strategy, but there will be some common
Review: The Arab Spring
Herald Sun
What followed has since become known as the Arab Spring. News of the death of Mohammed Bouazizi spread via Facebook and tweeting, triggering riots in Tunisia and the eventual toppling of the regime. The riots, rallies, strikes and civil disobedience
Tunisia vows to punish attacks on alcohol vendors
Chicago Tribune
TUNIS (Reuters) – Tunisia’s Islamist-led government said on Monday it would punish conservative Salafi Muslims who attacked alcohol shops in a central town over the weekend, raising religious tensions in the home of the Arab Spring.

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