Sahara Issue Could Be Resolved In Days Or Weeks If Algeria So Wishes -Official

Barcelona – “If Algeria so wishes, the Sahara issue could be resolved within days or weeks,” head of the Moroccan government, Abdelilah Benkirane, said in an interview with the Spanish daily “El Pais”, published on Monday.

“I am convinced that if Algeria so wishes, the Sahara issue will be resolved in days or weeks, provided that it renounces its current stand. I fraternally urge it to review it,” said Benkirane, who concluded on Sunday a three-day visit to Spain.

Deploring such a dispute with a brotherly country, with all the heavy bill that it generates, the head of the government expressed the hope that the situation will improve in order to open a new page in relations between Rabat and Algiers.

Benkirane, who called for the reopening of the border between Algeria and Morocco, warned also against the proliferation of terrorist groups in the Sahel-Saharan region that threaten security in this area.

He also highlighted the climate of stability enjoyed by Morocco, saying that “Europeans should appreciate the Kingdom’s stability and its weight in the region.”

The Moroccan official urged Spanish companies to seize the investment opportunities offered by the Moroccan economy, insisting in this regard that “the Spanish entrepreneurs should realize that they can find a lifeline in Morocco. There is a good Spanish presence, not only of companies but also of Spanish citizens who, for example, work in construction and provide their know-how.”


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