Morocco: Khalid ignites Mawazine

Morocco: Khalid ignites Mawazine

Against all odds, did better Evanescence Khaled, Pitbull and LMFAO. It has attracted 175,000 viewers … the concert he gave on Monday night at the OLM Souissi in Rabat (Morocco) during the Mawazine Festival held from 18 to 26 May 2012.

Already, the day the name of Khaled rustling in the city. His concert was a highly anticipated event. He even had this impressive human tide before and especially after. Looks like a walk or other event night. Young, old, fans of the first hour of Morocco and Algeria, American tourists, British, Canadian, French among the “sentimental crowd” looks like Alain Souchon. A crazy world … his music!

Even the conference, he gave the afternoon at the Villa des Arts, was attended by over 150 journalists from around the world. A record! Marwan Khoury nor, nor Nancy Ajram or Evanescence could not compete. This means the credit, respect and admiration to the place of Khaled. He has appeared on the prestigious international scene of the OLM Souissi.

As an international star, just like Pitbull, LMFAO, Lenny Kravitz, Jimmy Cliff, Evanescence, Scorpions Mariah Carey or taking turns on the scene coveted. It is the only artist Maghreb, Arab and African country to give a concert at the OLM Souissi.

Also, it was a sahra where there were no rumba, but of Rai in the air! And Khaled puts it: “Tonight I’m with my friends, I am invited to their homes, sahra …!”. And, on the title track Sahra (evening).

Harraga, a novel

Two hours of pure happiness! Or a playlist for the occasion of fifteen songs. Khaled give goosebumps Istikhbar choral singing a long, powerful and moving. The voice is still there, high, lofty and perfectly intact. He’s safe … strong, Khaled. This is El Marsam. And puisMelha (in album Kenza, produced by Steve Hillage). Sheba immortalized by his alter ego and sidekick Safy Boutella, the mythical Kutche (the original author of Sheba is the late Ahmed Zergui, the electro Raiman of Sidi Bel Abbes).

With Rouhi Ya Wahran to Latin beat, the audience is “loose”. It’s fiesta time! Weli Darek (Go home, in Sahra, 1996) was a destination rastafa … Rai. Reggae-rai! Oran-Rabat-Kingston. After Sahra, Khaled Bakhta gears on the master and the prince of poets ch’ir el melhoun, Abdelkader El Khaldi. Wahrani of hearty whose text will be taken by the public. This is a highlight. Khaled is draped in emblems of Morocco and Algeria. This is United Maghreb!

Abdelkader to put together another trio of Ya Boualem 1.2, 3, Raba Raba of Boutaïba Seghir H’fif alias Mohamed, pioneer of rai or the inevitable Trig Lycée (High School Road). Didi on the worldwide hit, he will play the … Calvier standing. The burning of the public, it is with Ouine El Harba Ouine, a cover (back) indie (Indian) and zouk Zwit Rwit in the general Idir Kabyle whose words are in Arabic signed Mohamed Angar,.

The Camel Sheikha Rimitti revisited by Safy Boutella. Khaled also be performing a new song Harraga very moving. Chaâbi-assimilation. And as a finale, Khaled Aisha interpret composed by Jean-Jacques Goldman. Suddenly, the space becomes a karaoke OLM Souissi open: “As if I did not exist …” The words no longer owns. The public digitally gold … mass will have sung, communion, vibrated, moved, laughed and danced “Kole-quark” (as the Antilles) and heart in unison with Khaled. Simply the best (simply the best), to paraphrase Tina Turner.


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