Arab spring News ; May 23, 2012

Arab Spring has changed power equations
For Arab societies living through fresh ‘Springs‘, the Nato model was peripheral at best and just like Charles de Gaulle, who opted to develop an independent French nuclear deterrent because he doubted that Washington would sacrifice New York to save
Egypt vote puts Arab spring gains at stake
Many fear the changes protesters fought for during the Arab springuprising are at stake. Two of the candidates have links to the old regime. Amr Moussa, head of the Arab League for ten years, was once foreign minister and is one of the leading

Egypt presidential elections: nation-by-nation look at Arab Spring
In Egypt, the winner of the presidential election will succeed Hosni Mubarak, one of four rulers toppled during the Arab Spring. But replacing dictatorships with democracy is proving hard. Here’s where things stand. Hosni Mubarak was toppled on Feb.
Arab spring uprisings: the scorecard
The Guardian
The transition to democracy is proving far from easy for countries affected by the Arab spring uprisings. As Egyptians savour an historic day, here is an updated region-wide democracy scorecard. The facts: despite 14 months of violent pro-reform

The Guardian
Arab Spring Boosted Youth Unemployment, UN Says
The Media Line
At least one the reasons observers say the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) exploded into the Arab Spring 16 months ago was youthful frustration over their prospects for jobs and economic opportunity. If so, the upheaval has done nothing to improve
Professor discusses effects of Arab Spring
The Dartmouth
University of Vermont professor Gregory Gause examined the causes and effects of Middle East protests at Tuesday’s “The Arab Spring: One Year Later.” By Madison Pauly, The Dartmouth Staff Although the Arab Springmarks the end of the stability of

The Dartmouth
MIDEAST MONEY-Gulf Arab investors hot on Turkey private equity trail
Growth capital and buyout funds from the wealthy Gulf Arab region are being drawn towards Turkey’s stable and growing economy at the expense of countries like Egypt and Bahrain, still prey to the violence of the Arab Spring popular revolts.
Egypt: All hail the Arab Spring
Daily Maverick
When Egypt goes to the polls to elect a new leader, it will be a triumph for the Arab Spring. It will be a victory for the sheer will of a people. Yet, even as Egyptians enjoy the fruits of their spring, however bitter the fruits may yet be,

Daily Maverick

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