Moroccans In Balearic Islands Denounce Separatists’ Attack Against Morocco’s Consular Office In Palma De Mallorca

Barcelona – Several Moroccan associations in the in Balearic Islands condemned in the strongest terms the attack by polisario proponents against the Cosular office of the Kingdomf or Morocco in Palma de Mallorca on Friday. In this respect, MAP received a joint statement from five Moroccan associations in which they denounced the attack as “savage”.

“We strongly condemn the savage acts as well as the vandalism and aggressions perpetrated by separatists and their advocates against the staff of Morocco’s consular office and the Moroccan citizens,” the statement said

The associations called on Spanish authorities to show firmness regarding such irresponsible acts and aggressions committed by the pro-polisario against Moroccan citizens in the Balearic Islands.

The Moroccan community in the Balearic Island is called upon to maintain vigilance and be mobilized to defend the dignity and interest of the Kingdom of Morocco.

“We also express our solidarity with the all the employees of Morocco’s consular office,” the associations said.

On Friday, about twenty polisario proponents assaulted the consular office of Morocco in Palma de Mallorca causing considerable material damage.

The assailants smashed the main gate and broke into the office where they chanted pro-separatists slogans.


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