New Inexpensive and More Environmentally Friendly Solar Cell (via Clean Technica)

Personal Notes: We at Genesis Morocco try to keep our readers up-to-date on the new technology developments that occur in the renewable energy sector, especially when they hold particular promise for the Middle East and North Africa region. This article, re-posted from the comprehensive renewable energy blog-source CleanTechnica, is just such a development. A cleaner, less expensive, and possibly more efficient solar cell could be a great benefit to the region — lowering the threshold for entry into solar power production for both consumers and manufacturers and allowing for the type of decentralized and widespread renewables electrification which could drastically change the energy landscape of the region.2038068

New Inexpensive and More Environmentally Friendly Solar Cell (via Clean Technica)

Researchers from Northwestern University have devised a new design of a solar cell that minimizes the flaws in conventional solar cells — relatively high production costs, low operating efficiency and durability, and reliance upon toxic and scarce materials. Dye-sensitized solar cells have already…

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