Arab spring News : May 27, 2012

Heroes of Arab Spring sidelined
The Australian
More than 10 per cent of Egypt’s economy relies on tourism, which has collapsed since the Arab Spring. Many older voters, who, unlike the younger protesters, were not in fear of Mubarak’s secret police, yearn for the stability of years past.
US slammed from both sides of Bahrain’s divide
The Associated Press
In a place with almost no common ground left after more than 15 months ofArab Spring-inspired unrest, both sides in the Bahrain meltdown are finding a shared target in the United States. Their gripes are vastly different — protesters claiming the US

The Associated Press
Student Protests in Mexico — The Next Arab Spring?
New America Media
It was the third large student protest in less than a week, and it has prompted some journalists in the country to wonder if Mexico is going through a political transformation similar to the “Arab Spring” that began 18 months ago.
Documentary about Libya uprising premieres at Cannes
‘After the Battle’ focuses on how the Arab Spring took hold in Egypt, while French-language documentary ‘The Oath of Tobruk’ concentrates on the upheaval in Libya. Prominent French left-wing intellectual Bernard-Henry Levy is the film’s co-director,

The Arab Spring and the coming crisis of faith
Open Democracy
Ironically, the biggest threat to religion may result from the tempestuous rise of political Islam in the aftermath of the Arab Spring. The Turkish President predicted as much during a recent visit to Tunisia, when he warned, “If a political party that
Islamists walk out of Algeria parliament in protest
Algeria, supplier of about a fifth of Europe’s imported gas, is the only country in north Africa left largely untouched by last year’s “Arab Spring” revolts, but some analysts predict unrest if the establishment does not loosen its grip on power.
Middle East is in a state of flux
The US State Department’s “Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2011” provides positive and encouraging signs about the Arab Spring’s impact on human rights. The annual report sounded both optimistic and cautious. “The yearning for change we

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