Libya NTC leader says election could be delayed

TRIPOLI May 28 (Reuters) – (Corrects to add dropped word “perhaps” to Abdel Jalil comments)

The head of Libya’s National Transitional Council said an election for the national assembly could be delayed, holding up a landmark vote in the transformation of the country following the fall of Muammar Gaddafi.

The election for an assembly that will draw up a new constitution was originally scheduled for June 19.

Mustafa Abdel Jalil told Reuters he thought the vote could be delayed by appeals from people who have been blocked from standing as candidates.

Candidates wishing to run in the election must first pass a vetting process which they may appeal in court. “This appeal process will perhaps result in a postponement of the elections,” Jalil said.

The last day for candidate registration was on May 23 and is followed by a 10-day appeal process. The candidates then need time to campaign and the High National Election Commission must have time to print out ballots.

Earlier last week, commission chief Nouri al-Abbar had said they could not confirm the June 19 date.

Neither Abbar or Abdel Jalil specified a new potential date or by how long it could be delayed.

(Reporting by Ali Shuaib; Writing by Hadeel Al-Shalchi; Editing by Jon Boyle)


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