Brazil Supports Peaceful Solution To Sahara Issue, Speaker Of Brazil’s Senate

Brasilia – Speaker of Brazil’s federal senate José Sarney expressed his country’s support for a peaceful solution to the Sahara issue.

“Brazil supports a peaceful settlement for the disputes on the basis of dialogue and consensus between the parties,” Sarney told MAP following a meeting with Speaker of the House of Advisors Mohamed Cheikh Biadillah who is on a visit to Brazil.

“The meeting was an occasion to reaffirm Brazil’s stance which does not recognize the so-called SADR,” he said.

Sarney said that his country closely follows Morocco’s democratic process, giving the example of the latest legislative elections and the adoption of the new Constitution.

He stressed the importance of Biadillah’s visit which will contribute to strengthening bilateral relations.

The Moroccan Speaker of the House of Advisors said that he has informed Sarney of the reform process undertaken by the Kingdom and the latest developments of the Sahara issue, in the light of the autonomy initiative in the Southern provinces under Morocco’s sovereignty.

He added that the talks touched also on South-South cooperation and partnership between the two legislative bodies.


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