Rough guide to glamour camping aka Glamping



Rough guide to glamour camping aka Glamping

thumb.cms?msid=13681870&width=100&resizemode=4Gourmet dinners by the camp fire and nights spent in luxury Bedouin tents ET-Travel gives you the rough guide to glamour camping aka Glamping.

SERENGETI, KENYA: Africa’s varied landscape allows adventure travellers a great choice in camping destinations. For those looking to get a bit wild, the Serengeti comes calling. Enjoy the safaris and then relax in luxury tents decorated with leather furniture and private viewing decks Rs 47,500 per night. (Open all year round)

MOROCCO: In Agafay in Morocco, stay in nomadic canvas tents and spend your days paragliding and hot air ballooning or try your hand at an ATV on the dessert dunes. Avail of donkey back treks to explore the region’s arid beauty Rs 11,000 per night. (Open all year round).

FRANCE: Most people think France and camping doesn’t come to mind but this country has numerous nature camping spots to choose from. Relaxing in the calm countryside of Languedoc-Roussillon, take strolls through the hills while staying in a Mongolian styled yurt, which comes equipped with a fully equipped outdoor kitchen and swimming pool Rs 4,000 per night. (Open through the year)

CAMBODIA : In Cambodia, book into the floating luxury tents on the Tatai river. These tents come with wifi and indoor plumbing Rs 6800 per night. (Open through the year).

Imagine waking up to the sun and gurgling sound of a nearby river in the Australian outback. Go horse riding in Morocco or simply enjoy a 180 degree view of the Serengeti in Africa. Camping is becoming a favourite among travellers looking to be one with nature and enjoy a bit of living in the wilderness. Luxury camps invite you to do just this, with added comforts to make your stay a more memorable one.

USA: In USA, which managed to popularise camping the most, opt for a one of a kind glamping experience with a camp butler, ensuite fire place and wooden flooring in Black Foot Valley, Montana Rs 20,100 per night. (Open May to October ).

PANAMA, CENTRAL AMERICA: In Bocas del Toro in Panama, camp in beach front eco tents, complete with solar powered fans, rain water harvested water supply and organic vegetable produce (Open all year round) Rs 3,100 per night.

THAILAND: River Kwai in Thailand is home to some very comfortable tents, which come equipped with air cons, mini bars and hot water showers. Visit the nearby historic location where a Japanese military camp stood during the World War II Rs 4,500 per night. (Open through the year).

AUSTRALIA: Situated in the heart of Scenic Rim in Queensland, solar powered safari tents with electric blankets, gourmet food baskets and a mini fridge welcome you back from your trips through the wild outback. Spend the days spotting wild life or visit a local winery to relax Rs 14,000 per night. (Open through the year)


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