Moroccan Monarchy, Guarantor Of State’s Stability And Continuity, Chatham House

London – The Moroccan Monarchy is the guarantor of State’s stability and continuity, said the London-based Royal Institute of International Affairs “Chatham House”.

This status was confirmed thanks to the wisdom and insight with which HM King Mohammed VI led the political reform process, Head of MENA department at the Chatham House Clair Spencer said.

The Monarchy imposes itself, within the framework of the Moroccan political process, as an arbiter and a foundation stone, she noted, underlining the Moroccan society consensus on the Monarchy, a consensus that was mirrored in debates on reforms carried out last year.

These debates, mainly among young people, highlighted the role of the Monarchy as a source of continuity and stability. “In Morocco, there is a real attachment to reforms within the framework of continuity,” Spencer said, adding that this is a strong point for Morocco compared to other countries suffering from instability and uncertainty.

Morocco responded, in swift and clever manner, to the new environment born of the Arab spring, while showing a great capacity of listening to the population’s expectations.

The revision of the Constitution last year enabled the inclusion of a large number of actors in the process of political and socio-economic development, she emphasized.

Morocco’s choice to reform the Constitution to reinforce the openness of the political sphere to new people was a good decision, she insisted.


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