Arab spring News : June 2, 2012

A nation-by-nation look at Arab Spring dictators
The Associated Press
The 84-year-old was the first Arab Spring leader to be tried in his own country, but he is not the only ruler in the Middle East to be caught up in the uprisings that have swept across the region since early last year. Here’s a look at the fate of

The Associated Press
Egypt’s Mubarak gets life for Arab Spring massacre
Hindustan Times
Mubarak, 84, is the first Arab leader to be tried by his own people since the wave of uprising began in Tunisia in late 2010. Also given a life term for the killings was the autocrat’s former interior minister Habib al-Adly.

A nation-by-nation look at Arab Spring dictators
Seattle Post Intelligencer
AP, In this video image taken from Egyptian State Television, 84-year-old former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak is seen in the defendant’s cage as a judge reads the verdict in on charges of complicity in the killing of protesters during last year’s
Egyptian President Ousted During Arab Spring Is Sentenced to Life in Prison
Hosni Mubarak, the Egyptian president who was ousted from office during an uprising last year, was sentenced by a judge Saturday to life in prison for the killing of unarmed protesters during what has become known as the Arab Spring.
Key events in Egypt since start of Arab Spring
The Daily Star
– 11: After daily protests, president Hosni Mubarak resigns and hands power to the army, led by Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi. About 850 people die in the unrest. – 12: Promising a peaceful transition to democracy, the army suspends the constitution
Mubarak sentenced to life in prison
By Amy Hoak, MarketWatch Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak sits inside a cage in a courtroom in Cairo on Saturday as he is sentenced to life in prison for his role in the killings of protesters during the Arab Springuprising in 2011 that ended

Songs of ‘Algerian Rose’ became soundtrack to Arab Spring
Sydney Morning Herald
WARDA al-JAZAIRIA, 1939-2012 The mellifluous voice of Warda al-Jazairia provided a strong expression of the aspirations of Arab nationalism and democracy. Throughout the Arab Spring that started in Tunis in January, 2011, her recordings were heard

Sydney Morning Herald
Egypt awaits verdict in Hosni Mubarak trial
Egypt is today eagerly awaiting the verdict in the trial of Hosni Mubarak – the first leader to be charged over his role in the Arab Spring. But, as Nick Meo reports, the trial has not been universally welcomed. By Nick Meo, Cairo The young Egyptians

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