Consumer Oil Prices Rise In Morocco On Skyrocket In International Market- Ministry

Rabat – Consumer prices of petrol, diesel and fuel oil will rise starting from June 2 to make up for the skyrocket in crude oil prices in the international market, the Ministry in charge of General Affairs and Governance said on Friday in a statement.

The Ministry noted that prices of butane and fuel oil, used for electricity production, will remain unchanged.

The prices increased by 2 dirhams and 1 dirham a liter for petrol and diesel respectively, the same source said.

The unit subsidy to these products is of 3.35 dirhams a liter for diesel and 1.5 dirham a liter for petrol.

The price of industrial fuel will increase by 988.04 dirhams a tonne and will be subsidized with 2,000 dirhams a tone, the Ministry said.

In order to preserve the purchasing power of citizens and the competitiveness of the national economy, butane price were remain unchanged despite its hike in the international market, the same source explained.

The statement pointed to the jumping prices of oil in the international market which went up from 78 dollars in 2010 to 117.4 dollars in 2012.

The Ministry noted that subsidies reached an overage of 3.62 dirhams a liter for petrol, 4.68 dirhams a liter for diesel, 3350 dirhams a tonne for industrial fuel, 4430 dirhams for ordinary fuel used in electricity production and 5388 dirhams for the higher fuel used in electricity production.

Thus, starting from June 2 the consumption prices will be as follows :
-Disel : 8.15 dirhams a liter instead of 7.15 dirhams ,
– Petrol : 12.18 dirhams a liter instead of 10.18 dirhams,
– Industrial fuel : 4666.04 dirhams a tonne instead of 3678 dirhams,
– Ordinary fuel for electricity production : 2384 dirhams a tonne
– Higher fuel for elctricity production : 2600.92 dirhams a tonne
– Butane (12 Kg cylinder) : 40 dirhams,
-Butane (3Kg cylinder) : 10 dirhams .


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