Morocco to host next year’s AfDB meeting – DailyNews Online Edition

Next year’s African Development Bank (AfDB) annual meetings are slated to be held in Marrakesh, Morocco, it was revealed here yesterday.

As Africa’s premier development finance institution, AfDB is faced with the double challenge to enhance its excellence while identifying relevant areas for development and the mobilisation of resources for funding, Morocco’s King Mohammed VI has said.

In his message delivered at the official opening of the 2012 AfDB annual meetings in Arusha, the monarch expressed confidence in the Bank’s long-term strategy on operational, financial and institutional performance for the next decade starting in 2013.

“We believe the quality of the AfDB’s work and the trust placed in it by its shareholders are major assets which should be reinforced in order to support and enhance the efficiency and competitiveness of the projects designed for African member countries,” the monarch said in the message delivered by former AfDB president Omar Kabbaj.

King Mohammed suggested that AfDB activities should back up projects aimed at reshaping the continent’s economies and upgrading its position in the world value chain. In addition, he said the Bank should support growth sectors and new African growth  centres that innovate, take full advantage of opportunities offered by globalisation and bolster the positive image of a continent on the move.

“The green economy, renewable energies, sustainable agriculture and financial sectors constitute new growth and employment pools to draw on for generations of African populations longing for better human  development,” said King Mohammed VI.

He stressed that Africa should count on its natural and human assets, and mobilise resources of its own in a transparent and responsible manner that allows for accountability.

via DailyNews Online Edition – Morocco to host next year’s AfDB meeting.

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