Ban’s wife appeals for women¹s empowerment


Ban’s wife appeals for women’s empowerment

Yoo Soon-taek, wife of United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, along with the wives of United Nations delegates from Belgium, Indonesia, Morocco, Algeria and China visited Dar Al-Hekma yesterday.

The reception was held in the presence of the faculty members and the students of Dar Al-Hekma.

Adviser to the president at Dar Al-Hekma, Saleha Abedin, welcomed the gathering in her welcome speech and gave an introduction of the college, the outstanding achievements of its students and the success of the institution. She also mentioned how the college resonated the interest of the Ban’s advice.

“We are very delighted to have Mrs. Ban Ki Moon and the other delegates wives from the United Nations. We are glad that they were pleased with what they saw and heard. I would like to thank them for taking their time to come visit us,” said Dr. Saleha.

Yoo in her short talk thanked the faculty of the college for inviting them. “It is a great pleasure and honor to meet all of you intellectual women here. I am very much impressed by your level of education and women empowerment. Educating women is very important for development and humanity. So I wish you all the best to continue your work for your community and for your country and hopefully the whole world. I am asking you to go beyond your nationality. I hope you will be interested in global issues,” said Yoo.

Dr. Lamya Gazzaz, vice dean of student affairs, and Dr. Amal El-Tijani, vice dean of finance and administration, presented a talk on special community service and volunteerism.

“I am honored to host Mrs. Ban Ki-Moon and the delegation. I hail Mrs. Ban Ki-Moon’s commitment to community service, volunteering and empowering women and families,” remarked Dr. Suhair Qurashi, dean at DAH.

The event also featured a slideshow presentation on Special Education, prepared by Reem Al-Kudri and a talk on the subject by Dr. Amal Al-Yamani, director of special education at DAH



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