Arab spring News : June 5, 2012


Analysts: In Syria, Few Arab Spring Lessons Apply
Voice of America
What does this all mean in terms of resolving the violence in Syria after itsArab Spring uprising? Likely not much, analysts say. Nadim Shehadi of London-based Chatham House says the history of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, like Libya’s Gadhafi,

Voice of America
Arab Spring Stalls in Syria
International Business Times
“In a region known for conspiracy theories, they believe the Arab Spring is an organic, indigenous movement for change and not something brought in by an external power.” In the wake of the Arab Spring, the region is being shaped by
Egypt’s second Spring
Chicago Tribune
The Arab Spring of 2011 was a moment of great change and hope in Egypt, the most populous nation in the Arab world. The autocrat who had ruled for three decades, Hosni Mubarak, had to resign in the face of massive protests by a people who were tired of
Palestinian Abbas urges Israel to accept 2-state deal
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas urged Israel on Tuesday to accept a two-state solution based on 1967 borders, warning that the opportunity “may not stay on the table for a long time” given the political upheavals caused by the Arab Spring.
Jordan Spring is, will remain green, says premier
Petra News Agency
The premier noted the close attention paid by His Majesty King Abdullah II, at a very early stage way before the Arab spring to the necessity and urgency of overall reform, determined that the course for reform in Jordan to be peaceful,
Numsa fears SA “Arab spring” unless nationalisation goes through
Metalworkers of SA (Numsa), general-secretary Irvin Jim warned that failure to implement the Freedom Charter by nationalising all key and strategic sectors of the country’s economy, including mines and banks, could trigger an “Arab spring” in SA.
Trudy Rubin: Can Islamist parties and democracy mix?
Mid Columbia Tri City Herald
By TRUDY RUBIN — The Philadelphia Inquirer DOHA, Qatar — As the Arab Springmorphs into a hot Arab summer, activists around the region are debating whether Islamist parties and democracy can mix. Given the triumph of religious parties in
Syria: America versus Israel
Asia Times Online
By Giorgio Cafiero The “Arab Spring” reached Syria in March 2011 when Syrian intellectuals, students, and union leaders appeared on the streets to demand greater transparency, political liberalization, and economic reforms.
The Brothers Abbas – by Jonathan Schanzer
Foreign Policy (blog)
BY JONATHAN SCHANZER | JUNE 5, 2012 In the wake of the Arab Spring, US leaders have promised to reverse the United States’ long reliance on autocratic, unrepresentative leaders who enrich themselves at the expense of their citizens.


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