Arab spring News : June 6, 2012

Arab Spring impacts Saudis’ summer plans
Arab News
Many Saudi families used to head to Lebanon, Syria, Egypt and Tunisia to spend their summer vacations, The Arab Spring had a big impact on what Saudis percieve as attractive destinations. Now most Saudis will travel to Dubai, Europe, Malaysia and
The L Magazine
by Andrew Schenker As a nose-to-the-ground document of a historical event in the making, Stefano Savona’s Tahrir: Liberation Square certainly has its value, but don’t go expecting revelations. Bringing his camera into the eponymous revolutionary hotbed

The L Magazine
Arab Spring: Link between thought and reality
(MENAFN – Arab News) For over two decades, the Arab region – replete with historical events – has been passing through a turbulent phase. This phase reached its peak with the Arab Spring revolutions over a year ago. This phase gave an indication that
Once Tolerated, Alcohol Now Creates Rift In Tunisia
by Steve Inskeep A monument to Mohammed Bouazizi, a fruit seller who touched off the Arab Spring by setting himself on fire in the central Tunisian town of Sidi Bouzid. The graffiti reads, “For Those Who Yearn To Be free.” A vendor sells fruit in the
Arab Springs: A new form of conflict?
The sudden and dramatic popular uprisings in parts of the Middle East and North Africa, which together constituted the “Arab Spring”, point to the emergence of a significantly different conflict environment than that which prevailed for much of the

The Stalled Arab Spring
The National Interest Online
More than a year into to the Arab Spring, one inconvenient and politically incorrect truth stands out: the Arabs are much better at acquiring and fighting over power than they are at sharing it. The first round of presidential elections in Egypt last

The National Interest Online
Middle East sees rise in millionaires in 2011 despite Arab Spring
AME Info
“We see this growth despite the fact that Middle Eastern and African stock markets suffered from the political instability caused by the uprisings across the Arab world in 2011,” said Dr. Sven-Olaf Vathje, Partner and Managing Director at BCG Middle

AME Info
Trudy Rubin: Can Islamist parties and democracy mix?
San Jose Mercury News
By Trudy Rubin DOHA, Qatar — As the Arab Spring morphs into a hot Arab summer, activists around the region are debating whether Islamist parties and democracy can mix. Given the triumph of religious parties in parliamentary elections in Tunisia and
Morning Bits
Washington Post (blog)
“In the wake of the Arab Spring, US leaders have promised to reverse the United States’ long reliance on autocratic, unrepresentative leaders who enrich themselves at the expense of their citizens. There’s only one problem: Just as top American
Confronting Social and Economic Challenges
Eighteen months after prompting the onset of the Arab spring, Tunisia still can boast of an ongoing, successful transition. The former regime, which stood for corruption and social injustice, is gone and democratic gains are palpable.
How Israel’s Fear of Arab Democracy Leaves the Jewish State More Isolated
Middle East expert Reem Abou-El-Fadl explains how Arab solidarity with the Palestinians is being reflected at the official level in the aftermath of the Arab Spring. Sign up to stay up to date on the latest World headlines via email.
Syrian poet Adonis accuses France of betraying the French revoltuion
Ahram Online
The Syrian poet Adonis (Ali Ahmad Said), one of the most celebrated Arab poets ever, accused France on Tuesday of “betraying the principles of the French revolution” by backing the “fundamentalist movements” constituted by the Arab Spring;

Ahram Online
The Storied History Of A Tunisian Tuna Pastry Called Bric
Over the next couple of weeks, NPR Morning Edition host Steve Inskeep is taking a Revolutionary Road trip across North Africa to see how the countries of the Arab Spring are remaking themselves after revolutions last year.
Is peace around the corner or far away?
Media Monitors Network
Is peace around the corner or far away? by Daoud Kuttab “The fast-moving events in the Middle East, especially in Egypt and Syria, have so far distracted attention from Palestine to the Arab Spring and its repercussions. However, as one Arab politician

Media Monitors Network
Complaint about article on oil price increases
Sydney Morning Herald
The caption read “Scarcely noticed … the Arab Spring pushed up oil prices”, an apparent reference to a claim in the article that the biggest cause of recent oil price increases was the Arab Spring and the disruption to Libyan oil supplies.
Interest in Foreign News Declines
Pew Research Center for the People and the Press
Public interest in foreign news stories has been modest so far this year, in stark contrast to 2011 when several overseas news stories, from the Japanese tsunami and nuclear disaster to the “Arab spring,” attracted substantial attention.
Who’s Going to Pay for North Africa’s Green Power Revolution?
Sure there are valid concerns about what kind of stability a post-Arab Spring offers for investors in the years ahead. Whole swaths of Libya claiming autonomy certainly can’t help things, but this is the mighty Maghreb, home to a seemingly endless

Reforms ‘must to tackle ME jobs crisis’
Trade Arabia
Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on the Arab World, is a direct response to helping solve the region’s unique problems in the wake of the Arab Spring as it bids to sustain early gains generated from transitions of power in some countries.
What It’s Like To Be a Jewish Journalist In Tunisia Today
Daily Beast
by Peter Beinart Jun 4, 2012 3:00 PM EDT Over at Jewcy, Armin Rosen has written a gripping account of encountering vitriolic anti-Zionism as a journalist covering the Arab Spring in Tunisia. It’s frightening and fascinating: As journalists,
Henry Kissinger: Syrian Intervention Risks Upsetting Global Order
The Arab Spring is generally discussed in terms of the prospects for democracy. Equally significant is the increasing appeal — most recently in Syria — of outside intervention to bring about regime change, overturning prevalent notions of
Slow pace of reform irks Jordanians: Financial Times
Ammon News
Since the start of the Arab spring last year, Jordan has witnessed three changes of government, an overhaul of the constitution, a plan to improve the electoral system and a catalogue of royal speeches promising political reform.

Ammon News
Work starts to tackle youth unemployment
The National
With youth unemployment totalling an estimated 75 million worldwide, the problem is particularly acute in the Middle East and North Africa, and contributed to the Arab Spring convulsions. Miroslav Dusek, the WEF director for the Middle East,

The National
MidEast Daily News
The Media Line
At the same time, Abbas warned that because of changes brought about by the Arab Spring, time for an agreement between the Palestinians and Israel is not unlimited. He urged Israel to accept his pre-conditions to come to the bargaining table having
Numbers conspire to mark Tiananmen massacre — and outwit China’s censors
National Post
Last year, they were blindsided by Tunisia’s Jasmine Revolution, part of theArab Spring, which led to the word “jasmine” being blocked in Internet searches. Also caught up in the ban: video of Premier Hun Jintao singing a popular folksong about the

National Post
Cheap oil is existential danger to the Gulf states
On the face of it, this rich oil state – which was spared the rumblings of theArab Spring almost entirely – can afford to pay its citizens in exchange for calm. With foreign currency and gold reserves estimated at $28 billion, GDP running at $150

Assad tasks old Baathist with forming new government
Middle East Online
Riad Hijab replaces ex-PM Adel Safar, who had formed his government in April 2011, one month after Arab Spring-inspired uprising erupted across Syria. DAMASCUS – Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on Wednesday appointed agriculture minister Riad Hijab as

Middle East Online
Prime Minister back home
Petra News Agency
Tarawneh delivered a keynote address in a session dedicated to the repercussions of the Arab spring, in which he affirmed that the spring in Jordan was and will remain green, where the political sphere is open and based on tolerance.
Int”l trade union body says 2011 was difficult year for workers
Of the 76 people murdered for their trade union activities, not counting the workers killed during the Arab Spring, 29 lost their lives in Colombia. And in Guatemala yet again trade unionists paid a heavy price, with 10 assassinations committed with
World Economic Forum Expert Group Assists Ukraine
MarketWatch (press release)
The Summit brought together more than 1000 leaders from business, government, academia and civil society representing over 70 nations. Eurozone crisis, Syria, youth unemployment and the aftermath of the Arab Spring topped the agenda.
Author Discusses Libyan Families, End of Gadhafi Regime
Kansas City infoZine
Hilsum, the international editor for Channel 4 News in England, reported from Libya during the Arab Spring. She made four trips to the country and has documented her experiences in “Sandstorm: Libya in the Time of Revolution.
Supreme Leader, The Dictator is offensively funny – Dictator pokes at prototypes
Kuwait Times
Director Larry Charles exhibits a post Gaddafi, post Islamophobic and post Arab Spring aura where he fixes a narcissistic autocrat who has a pre Elizabethan conviction. Cohen impersonates Aladeen, the ‘after me deluge’ oil king who survives an
What you need to know about the Israeli market
Traditionally, Israel has been dependent on natural gas imports from Egypt, which are jeopardized by the Arab Spring. But gas deposits have recently been discovered on Israeli territory sufficient to meet more than 90% of domestic demand,
Israeli Commander – Israel is Super Ready for Iran
With the ‘Arab Spring‘ raging in Egypt and elsewhere, the probability of a planned war against Israel was low. But on the other hand, the Arab Street was ‘very volatile’ and could spark a spontaneous flare-up. First and foremost there was Iran’s drive
The global anti-elite revolution
The Nation, Pakistan
At least, the first wave of revolutionary fervour has struck the world, commencing from unlikely Tunisia, spreading through dormant Egypt, toppling the Libyan strongman to the North African-Arabian Peninsula rejoiced in the Arab Spring.
China’s Hu sees role for regional bloc in Afghanistan
The summit will probably issue a document on regional security “against the background of the Arab Spring, as well as the uncertainties about Afghanistan after 2014″, said Zhao Huasheng, director of the Centre for Russian and Central Asia Studies at
Assad taps new PM, but instability reigns
CBS News
Video: Syria expels remaining Western diplomats Syria agrees to let aid agencies into hard-hit areas Special Section: The Arab Spring The new prime minister is not even from one of the new political factions supposedly being nurtured in Syria to

CBS News
Syrian prez appoints new PM as clashes rock Damascus
Hindustan Times
Hijab, 46, replaces Adel Safar, who had formed his government in April last year, a month after the Arab Spring-inspired uprising against Assad’s regime erupted drawing a bloody crackdown from the authorities. Rebels fighters went on the offensive in
David Sangers Confront and Conceal: 5 Revelations In Obamas Wars
Daily Beast
From Stuxnet to the Arab Spring, here are the five most revealing moments from Obama’s wars. ‘Confront and Conceal’ by David E. Sanger. 496 pp. Crown. $28. (Brendan Smialowski / Getty Images for Meet the Press) A new kind of war takes a new kind of
Dual Identity Yields an International Outlook
The Jewish Journal of Greater L.A.
I don’t just follow Iranian issues; the disaster in Syria and the Arab Spring really caught my attention, too,” he said. The articulate 18-year-old said growing up Iranian and Jewish has been one of his biggest challenges so far.
Corruption And Saudi Arabia
By Tariq A. Al-Maeena One of the by-products of regional uncertainty and the Arab Spring has been the steady rise in oil prices. And this added revenue has helped rapidly fill state coffers. Today, some of the GCC countries are putting that revenue to
Putting Mubarak in Jail for Life Won’t Fix a Broken System, as Other
Jakarta Globe
Hosni Mubarak the only dictator toppled in the Arab Spring to be tried in person. (Agency Photo) A couple of years ago, there was a popular joke in Egypt that went like this. The day before the presidential election, the prime minister goes to see

Jakarta Globe
Calligraffiti: eL Seed of an idea
Daily Maverick
One of the Arab Spring’s manifestations was radical new graffiti that appeared on walls from Tunisia to Yemen, and one of the street artists whose work has made an impact in this tumultuous battle for ideas is eL Seed. GREG MARINOVICH spent a day with

Daily Maverick

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