Arab spring News : June 7, 2012

Arab Spring benefited only Israel – Lebanese Interior Minister
(AFP Photo/Si Mitchell) The Arab Spring has borne no fruit for any of the affected countries, so the ongoing process should rather be called the Israeli Spring, since no country now poses a threat to Israel, Lebanese Interior Minister Marwan Charbel
Arab women marginalised following the Arab Spring
By Noorhan Barakat, Staff Reporter Dubai Women have been further marginalised and their political role diminished after the Arab Spring both in countries that witnessed an uprising and those that didn’t, Dr Fatima Al Sayegh said at a conference
Micro Revolutions and the Arab Spring
Ibrahim Seif, resident scholar at the Carnegie Middle East Center, investigates how theArab Spring revolutions and the declining role of the security apparatuses in the region has allowed for more successful labor activism. He describes the emergence
North Africa: US State’s Fernandez On Transitioning Economies of the Arab Spring
DF4D is also working through the Deauville Partnership with Arab Countries in Transition. This includes G-8 countries and regional partners to support transition states, including Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan, Morocco and Libya.
A view from abroad
Ahram Online
A year and a half after the beginning of the Arab Spring, it has almost begun to seem for many, their eyes fixed on the crisis in Syria and rising tensions in the Middle East, that early hopes of widespread and positive change in the region may almost
Carthage To Cairo: 3 Books To Complete The Journey
by Lin Noueihed From the Carthage to Cairo, the Arab Spring has unfolded in a blur of news footage and fast-moving events that are still playing out more than a year on. I jumped at the opportunity to choose three books that take readers on a literary
Change in Jordan – Is Israel prepared?
Jerusalem Post
Nonetheless, the Hashemite regime is not necessarily immune to the Arab Spring. If it were to be deposed, who might succeed the regime, and can Israel be prepared for the outcome? The regime in Jordan is not perfect. It has refused to integrate its

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