Head Of Anna Lindh Foundation Calls For New Road Map Of Euro-Mediterranean Partnership

Brussels – President of the Anna Lindh Foundation for Dialogue Between Cultures André Azoulay underlined, Friday in Brussels, the need to elaborate a new road map for the Euro-Mediterranean partnership given the mutations which occurred in the region about a year ago.

In a statement to MAP before his participation in a meeting of the bureau of the UfM Parliamentary Assembly, Azoulay underlined the importance of reforming the Euro-Mediterranean partnership to face a new political and economic environment.

There are drastic changes that happened and will continue to enrich and alter the Mediterranean area, as well as the road maps of each actor, he said, noting that it is high time to upgrade action plans and think about the future of the Euro-Mediterranean partnership.

It is inconceivable to have respective agendas which are occasionally similar since the current context calls for more creativity, and capacity to listen to and bring together all the actors involved in this partnership, he noted.

Azoulay commended the initiative by President of European Parliament Martin Schulz, who assumes the presidency of the UfM Parliamentary Assembly until March 2013, to bring together the most committed actors in the process of the Euro-Mediterranean partnership to discuss ways to revive the partnership.

The Kingdom is represented in the UfM Parliamentary Assembly’s meeting by speaker of the House of Representatives, Karim Ghellab.

The meeting, which aims to revive the Euro-Mediterranean relations, is bringing together the UfM secretariat, the Anna Lindh Foundation, the European Commission and the European Investment Bank.


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