Designer Diary: Designer Wilfredo Rosado’s Postcard From Morocco, Capri, And Monte Carlo

Designer Diary: Designer Wilfredo Rosado’s Postcard From Morocco, Capri, And Monte Carlo

Before launching his namesake fine-jewelry line, designer Wilfredo Rosado worked as fashion director at Armani. It was during his time there that he struck up a friendship with Mariah Carey while he helped dress her for events (circa 1990, the same year her debut album, Mariah Carey, was released). They remain friends, and recently Carey invited Rosado and a few other pals to join her on a get-away to Morocco, Capri, and Monte Carlo. Here, Rosado shares his trip exclusively with

“Our first stop: Morocco!”

“One of the attendants at the Mausoleum of Mohammed V. He has a very sixties feel with his fez and pale pink jacket. “

“Morocco is a world of inspiration, from color, to taste, to smell. I spotted this woman walking down an alley and loved the unintentional composition of color.”

“The view of Capri from Anacapri.”

“Coolest taxi in Capri! It’s a 1960’s Fiat convertible.”

“My travel buddies, [from left to right] Louise McNally, Kristofer Buckle, me, Mariah Carey, Rachel McIntosh, Erica Jackson, and Randy Jackson.”

“Going for a spin in The Marlin. Built in the 1930’s, it was owned by the Kennedy family from 1952 to 1970 and it is now owned by Diego Della Valle, who invited us on board to cruise around Capri.”

“Here is an old picture of President John F. Kennedy and the ever glamorous Jackie Kennedy in the boat.”

“Mariah enjoying the sea breeze.”

“I arrived in Monte Carlo just days after the 70th Grand Prix of Monaco. Here is a shot of the famous Fairmont Hairpin, the world’s most famous bend.”

—Wilfredo Rosado
Photos: Wilfredo Rosado




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