Ospreycrashwasn’tcaused by tech defect: U.S.


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Ospreycrashwasn’tcaused by tech defect: U.S.


The Defense Ministry said Friday it was informed by the U.S. government that no mechanical defect was found in an MV-22 Osprey transport aircraft that crashed in Morocco in April.

Okinawa has closely followed the U.S. investigation into the crash, as Washington plans to deploy the Ospreys, with vertical takeoff and landing capabilities, to U.S. Marine Corps Air Station Futenma possibly next month.

Local officials and residents are strongly opposed to the deployment, given the plane’s noise and history of fatal crashes during test flights and the base’s location in a crowded residential district.

Defense Minister Satoshi Morimoto told a news conference that the latest crash probe findings are not necessarily “conclusive,” pointing out a final report will be released later this year.

Morimoto said the ministry has informed Okinawa about the outcome and vowed to allay local concerns.

Based on the findings of the U.S. probe, the Osprey in question functioned properly and there were no problems with the plane’s safety. Earlier, the U.S. government unofficially informed the ministry that human error was to blame for the crash.

The Osprey crashed April 11 during a joint drill with Moroccan forces, killing two marines and injuring another two.

The central government had been urging Washington to promptly unveil information about the cause of the accident.

The incident further fueled anxiety in Okinawa, with the governor, officials and residents asking for detailed documents vouching for the safety of the aircraft.

A rally against the deployment isi set to be held in Ginowan on June 17.

The Osprey deployment put Morimoto in the hot seat recently, following an ill-advised remark over the issue that sparked criticism and calls from the Okinawa chapter of the ruling Democratic Party of Japan for his resignation.

The Japan Times: Saturday, June 9, 2012

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