Richard Attias : The New York Forum AFRICA starts today in Libreville

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Photo New York Forum Africa 2012

By: CP

The New York Forum AFRICA starts today in Libreville

More than one hundred African and global leaders will speak at the venue.

Today begins a series of speeches and meetings about Africa and the way it can contribute to global prosperity. Among the leaders assembled until Sunday stand out Ali Bongo Odimba, President of Gabon, and Yayi Boni, President of Benin. Many ministers from Gabon, Morocco, Ivory Coast, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, etc., will also share the stage with businessmen and opinion makers such as Mohammed Yunus, founder of Grameen Bank.

Richard Attias, founder of New York Forum, states his intent:

This year I am bringing the New York Forum to Africa, a continent that is redefining its economic image, filled with boundless economic potential and experiencing unprecedented economic growth. At the same time, Africa faces its fair share of challenges, especially when it comes to good governance, security, and regulations. The New York Forum AFRICA will be the leading Pan African Forum uniting all generations of decision makers, entrepreneurs, and experts to collaborate on the emergence of a winning, innovative, fruitful, autonomous, stable and leading Africa–an Africa that holds a leadership role in the new international economic order. Gabon is a sensible gathering point in Africa given its ambitious national plans, innovative approach to sustainable growth, and commitment to creating a world-class infrastructure for business in Africa.

As an ideas laboratory and as global influencers, we hope to harness the power of collaborative action in response to collective problems while providing leaders with the tools to manage effectively and ethically.

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