Report decries lackluster coverage of Arab media


8cdaafba-7443-482e-bded-f134bc1cea42_top.jpg(With photos) DUBAI, June 9 (KUNA) — Dubai Press Club has released the fourth edition of the Arab Media Outlook survey in a report themed “Arab Media: Exposure and Transition”. The report showed that 53 percent of the interviewees believe that the Arab Media have failed to offer enough coverage to educational, social, health and humanitarian issues.

About 6 percent of the participants said that the Arab Media should shed light on the media outlets’ transparency, political and sports issues.

The report also showed the remarkable increasing number of Arabs is relying on social media to get news, about 60 percent of respondents said social media is the source of nearly 30 percent of the news they get while 15 percent get 30-69 percent of news from social networks.

It showed a shocking decline to the number of people who rely on printed press as a main source of news.

Only 3 percent said they followed the recently political upheavals in the Arab region through press compared with 54 percent for the internet and 43 percent for TV channels.

The fourth edition of the Arab Media Outlook (AMO) has been developed in collaboration with Deloitte, a globally leading audit, consulting and research company, which monitored the statistical research findings.

The report investigated the significant changes taking place in the media landscape across Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Sudan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, the UAE, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Yemen, and for the first time Libya and Iraq. A majority of these countries have witnessed major shifts in the media sector across new and traditional platforms. The change was driven by the disproportionate political, social and economic changes sweeping the Arab world.

More specifically, this edition of AMO examines the shifting media consumption patterns in the UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Morocco. The report covers a vast number of media organizations and the youth, marking a first-of-its-kind step in such researches.

The report additionally assesses the impact of increased broadband Internet services and the prolific use of social media networks. In addition to the survey, the report team has conducted interviews with senior representatives of prominent media organizations in the Arab world. The exercise was implemented with a view to gauging the perspective of decision makers of these organizations and identifying their responses to challenges facing the media industry in the Arab world.

The Arab Media Outlook report, as well as the Arab Media Forum and Arab Journalism Awards, are part of Dubai Press Club’s initiatives to drive the growth of the media sector in the Arab world. AMO is regarded a key resource of reliable information and data on media trends in the Arab world for media professionals, public policy experts, governments, students and advertising companies.

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