Arab spring News : June 11, 2012


The Arab Spring has confused China
The Daily Star
By Johan Lagerkvist One man, fruit seller Mohammad Bouazizi, sparked the Arab Spring with his self-immolation in the Tunisian city of Sidi Bouzid in January 2011. Since then, leaders in Beijing have grappled with how to handle the political fallout of
Ahmed Al-Jarallah: Media Freedom, Arab Spring &
Are the events of the Arab spring an opportunity or a threat? I would say that it is both an opportunity and a thread. It was an opportunity when it arose in Tunisia, but when it moved to Egypt, it became a tragedy. For other countries, however,

”The Arab Spring Could Turn out to Be a Twilight of the Gods”
In this interview with Ceyda Nurtsch, he speaks about the risks and opportunities of the Arab Spring and explains why an intercultural approach is unavoidable when creating new democracies You are a critical observer of the developments in the Arab
Year After Arab Spring, Digital and Social Media Shape Region’s Rebirth
After that, uprisings across the whole region, known collectively as the “Arab Spring,” deposed dictators, changed cultures and, in Saudi Arabia, won women the right to vote. A campaign from Coke invited Arab youth to upload inspiring films about
OPEC Meets This Week Holding World Hostage To Its Budget “Needs”
Huffington Post (blog)
Ah, the Arab Spring! How convenient for it to alight just when oil prices were once again going through the roof. Saudi Arabia and its OPEC brethren are trying so hard to make us understand that their need for higher oil prices is now more essential
EFG Hermes faces its own Arab Spring
Planet IB, a nascent buyout group backed by Arab and Egyptian investors, has announced a rival bid valuing the entire group at about $1 billion and asked the regulator to allow it to carry out due diligence. Planet IB says it is backed by Egyptian
World Bank seeks investors
Independent Online
By Reuters The World Bank is hoping to raise a $500 million fund to invest in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), saying that the region’s needs in the wake of the Arab Spring uprisings are more than it can manage itself.

Independent Online
Omani police detain activists at protest: witnesses
Discontent has been growing in the small oil-producing Gulf Arab state over what activists said was the slow pace of reforms and lack of jobs since protests last year that were inspired by Arab Spring uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt.
Breaking the Law by Reading Ghassan Tueni
Huffington Post
He said things that we never dared to voice in the 1990s, mirroring our hidden thoughts and aspirations, long before the Arab Spring ripped through the Arab World, and long before the Syrian Revolt. He died this weekend in Beirut at the age of 86,


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