Regional Security And Sustainable Development Are Major Areas Of CEN-SAD Action: Final Communiqu

Rabat – The regional security and sustainable development are the major areas listed in the action of the Community of Sahel-Saharan States (CEN-SAD), said the final communiqué that marked the closing session of the Special Session of the Executive Council of that organization on Monday.

To this end, the foreign ministers and heads of delegations of member states of CEN-SAD agreed on the implementation of sectoral policies based on the sharing of experiences of member states within the South-South cooperation.

The implementation of these policies is based on the fight against terrorism, organized crime, the activity of separatist groups, cross-border crime, drug, weapons and human trafficking.

In the same vein, the CEN-SAD holds as priority actions security and food self-sufficiency, promotion of infrastructure and improving connectivity to promote the free movement of persons, goods and services.

Priority should also be given to increasing trade and private sector involvement in preparation for the establishment of a free trade zone between member states.

The Executive Council of CEN-SAD reaffirms, on the other hand, that the rebuilding of this organization will make it a focal point for dialogue and action that operates on the basis of the principles of equality, sovereignty, respect for territorial integrity of member states, solidarity and fraternity to support development efforts and promote peace and security in the Sahel-Sahara zone.

The session called also for more cooperation between the member states of CEN-SAD to develop a common vision to make this organization a tool for economic integration and promotion of collective security.


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