Strategy for public transport in Greater Rabat outlined by IBM

ITS International

Strategy for public transport in Greater Rabat outlined by IBM

A team of experts funded by an IBM Smarter Cities Challenge grant has provided government leaders with initial recommendations for a more effective and efficient public transport system in Rabat and nearby Sale and Temara, in Morocco, by 2020.

Rabat won a Smarter Cities Challenge grant from IBM which sent some of its top employees to work and live in the city for three weeks. There, they studied the area’s transportation opportunities and created a plan to improve the urban public transport system.

“The IBM team’s findings and recommendations will help transform these cities as part of a greater urban mobility upgrade plan, in which Rabat, the ‘Green City’ will be a pilot and a reference for public transportation system reform,” said the mayor of Rabat, Fathallah Oualalou. “In October 2013, Rabat will host the United Cities and Local Government World Congress and this will be the opportunity for Rabat officials to present the findings and expected progress for our transportation management system.”

Rabat won out over 140 other cities around the world to become one of IBM’s Smarter Cities Challenge winners this year. The company selected 33 cities worldwide to receive grants in 2012 and Rabat was selected along with three other African cities.

More information about the IBM Smarter Cities Challenge grants are available at this link.


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