US-Tunisia-Morocco Partnership to Boost Entrepreneurial Spirit in Young Engineers


US-Tunisia-Morocco Partnership to Boost Entrepreneurial Spirit in Young Engineers

Bernard Yaros

Written by Anoir Ennouri

The US-Tunisia-Morocco (USTM) Partnership aims to make today’s generation of Tunisian and Moroccan engineers more well-rounded and savvy with entrepreneurial and networking skills.

To this end, a four-day meeting under the banner of “Education-University-Partnership Days of entrepreneurship and innovation” will be held in Monastir starting on July 15. The event is organized by USTM in conjunction with the North American-Tunisian Engineers Group (NATEG).

Engineering students, higher education teachers, and entrepreneurs from Tunisia, Morocco, and the US are expected to attend the conference in order to discuss strategies in both the research, development, and marketing of innovative products. Networking with the private sector will be touched upon as well.

The first two days of the meeting will be attended by 300 engineering students and teachers from all three countries. They will discuss their own experiences and share ideas. The final two days will feature intensive workshops on entrepreneurship.

Besides NATEG, the USTM works in partnership with the Polytechnic School of Tunisia, the Cadi Ayyad University of Marrakech, and the Tunisian-American Association of young professionals.

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