Arab spring News : June 14, 2012

After seeing Arab Spring as an opportunity, Iran meets a largely
Washington Post
CAIRO — Iran once saw the Arab Spring uprisings as a prime opportunity, hoping it would open the door for it to spread its influence in countries whose
In Tunisia’s sentencing of a dictator, a model for bringing justice?
Christian Science Monitor
That could offer lessons for Arab Spring countries such as Egypt and Libya, where the fall of dictators offers a chance to lay history bare. “Tunisia is basically

Christian Science Monitor
Tunisia sentences Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, officials over Arab Spring
A Tunisian court sentenced ousted leader Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, in absentia, to life in prison for his part in the killing of protesters during the revolution that
Tunisian court sentences Ben Ali, security chiefs over killings
seven of his security chiefs to up to 15 years in jail on Wednesday over the killing of hundreds of protesters in the central towns where the Arab Spring began.
Whatever happened to the ‘Arab Spring‘?
BP News
And it brought back, for a moment, the sense of hope and euphoria people felt in Egypt and beyond as the “Arab Spring” protest movement swept across the
Senior officials jailed for Arab Spring killings
Vancouver Sun
A Tunisian court sentenced ousted leader Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali’s interior minister and seven of his.
Water pacts re-examined amid Arab Spring
There are moves to rewrite contentious water-sharing agreements that are becoming a major source of friction in the Middle East as water supplies shrink.
Tunisia’s Ousted President Sentenced to Life in Prison
Voice of America
It sparked popular movements across much of the Middle East and North Africa in what soon became known as the “Arab Spring.” Protesters in Egypt, Syria,

Voice of America
Arab Spring is West-pushed process out of control’
The Arab Spring is the West’s rebound to emerging ecomomies threatening the Western monopoly relations with Arab countries, Tariq Ramadan, professor of
Tunisia bans planned demos after unrest
protests planned by hardline Islamists demanding a more religious state following the worst unrest since the 2011 uprising that gave birth to the Arab Spring.

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