Arab spring News : June 15, 2012

Tunisia Still Has Arab Spring In Its Step Despite Religious Protests
International Business Times
Even following this week’s violence over blasphemous art, Tunisians remain fairly optimistic about their country’s progress.

International Business Times
Europe and the Arab Spring
Ahram Online
What Arab Spring countries really need is financial support. But European pledges have not been met with action, writes El-Sayed Amin Shalabi.
A Chill in Egypt’s Arab Spring
Consortium News
Dissolution of Egypt’s parliament and doubts about the upcoming presidential election have undermined the country’s once-promising transition to democr…
The spring of our hope and the winter of our discontent
Daily Star Online
The glorious struggle of repressed people for freedom and democracy did not begin with the Arab spring, nor is it likely to end with the advent of the scorching
Why the Hope of the Arab Spring is Giving Way to Uncertainty and
What genuine popular impulse there was at the outset of the Arab revolts has now been subsumed and absorbed into three major political projects.
Arab Spring: Yet to deliver results
Financial Express Bangladesh
Fazle Rashid MINIAPOLIS (USA), June 15: The countries which saw the end of tenure of corrupt dictators are far from enjoying political stability and peace.
Tunisia’s fugitive President sentenced for inciting murder
Times of Malta
life sentence for role in deaths of 22 demonstrators in first Arab Spring uprising over the bloody crackdown on the protest that ignited the Arab Spring cycle.
Our Hawaiian Spring: New Facebook Voting Game Aims To Boost
Honolulu Civil Beat
Two years ago, revolution began to sweep through the Middle East in what has become known as the Arab Spring. People died for democracy — are still dying,
Israel Must Seize Arab Spring Opportunity
Maj. Gen. (ret. ) Yoav Galant spoke about his fears for Israel’s security, and about how the country should “market” itself, at a conference on Middle East security
Tunisian groups call off Friday demos after being banned
That movement was the first in what became known as the Arab Springuprisings that saw several other autocratic leaders oustered. Several wings of the Salafi


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