Arab spring News : June 16, 2012

The end of the Arab Spring in Egypt?
Toronto Star
The ruling junta and its preferred presidential candidate have tapped into the fear of ‘Islamism’

Toronto Star
Egyptian generals let Arab Spring wilt
Sydney Morning Herald
They had crafted the crown jewel of the Arab Spring. Or so they thought. But the people played into the generals’ hands. At first, the Muslim Brotherhood stood

Sydney Morning Herald
After Ben-Ali’s conviction: the state of Tunisian justice
The Guardian
court sentenced him to prison for life, for complicity in the murder and attempted murder of demonstrators during the revolution that began theArab spring.

The Guardian
Arab spring spills over to Europe
The Voice of Russia
Interview with Ilya Fabrichnikov, managing partner at UnitedCom Consultancy.

The Voice of Russia
The Next Revolution: Islamists In Tunisia Take Their Jihad To Syria
Just International
A trip to Tunis’s slums finds young Salafi Islamists who were at the vanguard of theArab Spring, and are now set to take the fight to Syria to take down the ruling
Tunisia lifts curfew after riots
Hardline Islamists have been growing more confident since the popular revolt that toppled Ben Ali, the first of the Arab Spring uprisings that ousted several other
Robert Fisk: Assad will breathe a sigh of relief at death of Arab Spring
The Independent
The end of the Egyptian Revolution? I suppose we could have seen it coming; the marginalisation of the original rebels of Tahrir Square, fobbed off with a few
Locals Vote Between Orthodoxy and Extremism
Since the Arab Spring revolution that toppled the regime of former President Hosni Mubarak in February last year, Egypt has not been at ease and the decision
Turkey’s role in the Arab Spring
Hurriyet Daily News (press release)
Can Turkey play a role in the Arab Spring? Yes and no.

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